Z 306
This wide range of accessories makes the Z306 laboratory centrifuge indespensable in research laboratories and small clinical laboratories.
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Z 130 M
Unlike traditional mini centrifuges, the new Z130M eliminates the need to change rotors when switching between microtubes and PCR strips. The included, unique COMBI-Rotor is all that is required for running 12 microtubes and 4 PCR strips simultaneously.
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Z 326
Offers a wide assortment of rotor options, making them ideal for a wide variety of research applications.
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Z 160M
The Z 160 M is a powerful and compact microcentrifuge.
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Z 326K
The refrigerated table top centrifuge Z 326 K - with a powerful cooling system and optimized space requirement to accomplish big things. (4 x 100 ml)
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Z 216M
Capable of centrifuging up to 44 x 1,5 / 2,0 ml at each run.
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Z 216MK
The Z 216 MK Refrigerated Microcentrifuge sets a new standard in this centrifuge class.
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Z 206A
Small centrifuge for Physicians and Clinical Laboratories.
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Oleum Test Centrifuge
As a compact table top unit, the OLEUM centrifuge is used for oil test methods.
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Sieva 2
SIEVA-2 is a filtration centrifuge with microprocessor control. By an opening in the lid it is possible to fill the centrifugal basket during rotation.
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Z 366
The universal table top centrifuge Z 366 puts new scales regarding the versatility, running features, easy handling and design. (4 x 250 ml)
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The compact centrifuge Z 207 A is ideal for medical practices and laboratories with a small number of samples.
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Z 32HK
With a wide range of accessories, the Z 32 HK high speed centrifuge is applicable in a wide variety of research settings. In spite of the remarkably small footprint, the Z 32 HK features a powerful refrigeration system capable of maintaining cool sample temperatures even at maximum speed.
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This universal table top centrifuge Z 366 K puts new scales regarding the versatility, running features, easy handling and design.
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Z 36HK
The Z 36 HK is the culmination of many years of centrifuge design experience combined with the latest technology. Featuring speeds up to 30000 rpm (65390 xg) with ten available rotor options, the Z 36 HK is the most capable centrifuge in its class.
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The fixed-angle and swing-out rotors are suitable for almost all aplications in everyday use in clinical, industrial and research laboratories.
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These high-volume centrifuges Z 446 K achieve a throughput of 68 x 15 ml conical tubes or 28 x 50 ml conical tubes at a max.RCF of 3454/4347 xg.
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