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Jenway 9500 Bench DO2 Meter
The 9500 is a research meter designed for use in a number of applications including fish farming/breeding, all forms of aquaculture, environmental analysis, pollution control and effluent management.
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Laboratorium Geleidbaarheidsmeter, Model 4510, Jenway
The 4510 is easy to use but with the flexibility to meet the broadest range of applications and for those where greater accuracy is required the 4510 has automatic conductivity standard recognition and endpoint detection.
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Laboratorium Geleidbaarheidsmeter, Model 4520, Jenway
The 4520 is a high specification laboratory conductivity /resistivity/TDS/salinity and temperature meter that offers additional accuracy with 1, 2 or 3 point conductivity calibration across the wide measurement range of 0 to 19.99S.
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Jenway 470 Portable Conductivity Meter
The 470 hand held conductivity/TDS meter allows calibration by direct cell constant entry or through the use of standard solutions. The display simultaneously shows temperature compensated conductivity or TDS and temperature.
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Calibration protocols, data with time and identification plus up to 800 stored data sets to be recalled.
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The new ID-conductivity cells are recognized by the Lab 970. Along with this identification the cells also send their specific data wireless to the measuring instrument. Errors in measurement triggered by confused cell constants are also eliminated.
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MultiSub Midi
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multiSUB Mini
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