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ADP 410
The instrument is housed in a rugged chemical resistant case making it suitable for use in factory environments as well as in the laboratory.
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ADP 440+
The ADP440+ is single wavelength, high accuracy polarimeter suitable for use in many applications and is especially suited for use in pharmaceutical laboratories where compliance with Pharmacopoeia is required.
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Hoge precisie, multi-golflengte peltier temperatuur gecontroleerde modellen voor farmaceutische, chemische, voedsel en wetenschappelijke toepassingen
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ADS 420
The ADS420 Saccharimeter is a low cost automatic polarimeter specifically designed for use in busy sugar laboratories and tare houses. Operation is very simple by way of four graphically presented push buttons and therefore requires no on-screen language interpretation.
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ADS 480
For operation in the sugar and associated industries where the use of Lead Acetate is prohibited, dictating the need for an infra red measurement. The ASDS480 Saccharimeter is a Near Infra Red (NIR) automatic polarimeter designed specifically for use in industrial labaoratories and Tare Houses in the Cane, Beet & Ethanol Industries.
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General Accessories
Waterbaths, Printes, Barcode Readers, Splash Covers and more....
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Low Volume
For precious samples or samples with high optical rotation.
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Model D7
The original Model D design is updated to meet the requirements of 21st century applications. The instrument body has been replaced with a new ‘low weight’ component that reduces shipping costs, significantly important where a number of instruments are supplied to one destination, and the sodium lamp has been replaced with a lightweight, low cost LED light source with an interference filter and integral intensity control.
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Quartz Control Plates
For verification and calibration.
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Standard Glass Polarimeter Tubes
ICUMSA standard glass tubes.
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