ADP400-serie Polarimeter
Single wavelength polarimeters with low maintenance LED light source. Available with or without Peltier temperature control.
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ADP600 Series Polarimeters
The ADP600 Series of Peltier temperature controlled polarimeters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications within the chemical, pharmaceutical & food sectors.
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ADS420 Saccharimeter
The ADS420 Saccharimeter is a low cost automatic polarimeter specifically designed for use in busy sugar laboratories and tare houses. The ADS420 Saccharimeter uses the traditional Sodium wavelength.
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ADS480 NIR Saccharimeter
For operation in the sugar and associated industries where the use of Lead Acetate is prohibited, dictating the need for an infra red measurement. The ASDS480 Saccharimeter is a Near Infra Red (NIR) automatic polarimeter designed specifically for use in industrial labaoratories and Tare Houses in the Cane, Beet & Ethanol Industries.
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Model D7
For teaching environments and laboratories that have a low throughput of samples, the Model D7 polarimeter is a high quality, relatively high accuracy optical polarimeter.
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