ABE Airwel - Bio collector

The Alliance Bio Expertise Airwel is adaptable to your needs - petri dish 90mm - 50mm

ABE Media Pourer Stackers

The Alliance Bio Expertise Media Pourer Stacker - up to 440 plates filled in 30 minutes.

Interscience Automatic Spiral Platers

The easySpiral® technology, developed exclusively allows the automatic plating of your sample on a Petridish in just 25 seconds with a decreasing concentration, replacing up to 4 necessary dilutions.

ABE Gravimetric Dilutors

The Alliance Bio Expertise DILUWEL a gravimetric diluter for fast and accurate dispensing.

ABE Mixwel

The most compact blender on the market (30dm3), is the MIXWEL of Alliance Bio Expertise. And also the lightest, 14 kg, easy transportable.

ABE Media Preparators

The Alliance Bio Expertise MEDIAWEL 30 is the latest generation of media preparators, easy to use, efficient and ergonomic.