Environmental Analysis Equipment
Toxicity testing based on the bioluminescence of algae provides quick information and is easy to use. The detection of the toxic compounds is based on the bioluminescence delayed-fluorescence-curve and happens a long time before the actual cell dies. Biolumino is suitable for both continuous and discontinuous analysis.
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Draagbare DO2 meter, Model 970, Jenway
De 970 draagbare DO2 meter van Jenway is geschikt voor het meten in het veld. Is voorzien van backlighted lcd display, robuuste behuizing, conform IP67 en ATC. De batterijen gaan 500 uur mee. De 970 wordt geleverd met draagkoffer.
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H2S Analyzer
H2S Analyzer bepaalt alle vluchtige sulfides in gassen of oliehoudende monsters. Monstervoorbereiding is niet noodzakelijk. Monsterdosering kan zowel handmatig als volledig automatisch met autosampler.
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Online H2S meter
Online H2S includes a microcontroller-unit for a quantitative determination of the released H2S from the sewer with sensor technology at two or more selected measurement points. It serves as the basis for H2S-adapted regulation of chemicals for water treatment in sewage systems.
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LABTOC ® is a fast, reliable and highly accurate system for the laboratory analysis of sample water. Simple to use, LABTOC® can be used by laboratory technicians with the minimum of training and still be relied upon to produce precisely accurate TOC and/or TC values from single or multiple samples with a range from 0-10 ppm to 0-4000 ppm.
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Protoc® 100 / 300 Low cost on-line TOC analysers with manually /automatically operated valve to calibrate/zero/clean
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