BOD Determination Systems
BOD Evo Sensor, with or without wireless databox
The most convenient way to get reliable results automatically for BOD analysis. Data management and reporting become incredibly intuitive with the wireless data transmission to the exclusive BODSoft™.
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Equipment for determining the BOD with the traditional manometric technique up to 1000 mg/l (ppm); higher values are determined after dilution. It can simultaneously house 6 bottles.
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BOD Sensor System 6
BOD Sensor Systems 6 consist of 6 position stirring unit complete with 6 BOD Sensors, 6 alkali holders for absorbing the carbon dioxide and 6 stirring bars. The instrument represents a complete solution for the user.
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BOD Sensor System 10
BOD Sensor Systems 10 consist of a 10-position stirring unit complete with 10 BOD Sensors, 10 alkali holders for absorbing the carbon dioxide and 10 stirring bars.
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BOD Sensor
The BOD Sensor instrument has an ergonomic structure designed and optimized to ensure ease of handling and reading. It is manufactured using the most modern and advanced construction techniques and is fitted directly on the bottle containing the sample.
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BOD Sensor Set
The BOD Sensor Set is made up of the BOD Sensor, a bottle, an alkali holder to absorb the carbon dioxide and a stirring bar.
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