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Digitale Refractometer
Specificaties en voordelen van de RFM 300 en RFM 900 Serie op een rij
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E-Line ATC
The E-line ATC range of hand held refractometers are ideal for use in beverage, confectionery, jam and other ‘sugar’ applications as well as for calculating concentration or blend ratios in industry such as antifreeze, coolants and quenchants.
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Enhanced Protection Pack
The enhanced protection pack (EPP) provides extra protection to RFM800, RFM900 and RFM300+ refractometers when used in factory environments where water jets are used for general cleaning purposes.
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General Accessories
Waterbaths, Printers, Barcode Readers, Light sources, Splash Covers and more....
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Eclips Standard Models
The use of a hand refractometer facilitates convenient and rapid measurement of concentration in a number of liquid and semi-solid samples.
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OPTi refractometers are available in single and dual scale formats and are supported by a comprehensive range of application specific scales.
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OPTi – Wine, Beer, Food & Beverage
Single and Dual scale models
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OPTi Full Brix
Single and dual scale models
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OPTi Industrial & Chemical
Single scale models
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OPTi Lifescience
Single and Dual scale models
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Pro-Juice Refractometer
The Pro-Juice refractometer has been specifically developed to overcome the erratic behaviour of orange juice by focussing on the practical handling of the sample prior to high accuracy measurement in order to achieve a measurement accuracy of 0.01 °Brix for sucrose solutions and more importantly, a reproducibilaty of 0.02 °Brix between orange juice samples, regardless of temperature deviation or operator skill level.
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In-tek Drink
Toepassingsgebieden: kwaliteitscontrole en procesbesturing voor vruchtensappen, softdrinks, sauzen, koelvloeistoffen, zepen, oliën, cosmetica en andere chemicaliën.
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RFM Flowcell
Flowcells may be used to facilitate measurement within an automated system or where a high through-put of samples is required to be analyzed.
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RFM 300+ refractometers
Additionally, all RFM300+ series refractometers have the ability to display the measured result in two scale formats such as a Brix value based on SG alongside the original refractive index measurement.
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Custom Solution: RFM 390+
RFM300+ refractometers are suited to most applications, however, when a specific requirement is not available on the standard model, Wilten may be able to offer custom solutions.
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RFM 700 Refractometers
RFM700 series refractometers are robust, low cost, fully automatic instruments that are ideally suited to the food, sugar and beverage industries but can now be used in many other non food applications where use of a waterbath for temperature control is not required.
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RFM 900 Refractometers
Designed as a replacement for the RFM800 series, the new RFM900 series of refractometers combine latest opto-electronic principles with durability and ease of use.
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RFM 990 - AUS32
The RFM990-AUS32 is an extremely high accuracy Refractometer specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of the chemical manufacturing industry.
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Abbe Refractometers
The Abbe 5 is an affordable refractometer ideally suited for use where a wide refractive index measurement range is required such as in small contract laboratories or applications where sample throughput is relatively low. Abbe 60: High Accuracy, ideal for use in research and development, quality control and other industrial laboratories where the highest accuracy and precision is often sought.
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