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RheoCAD 400
Mortars and pastes Rheology with RheoCAD 400
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Rheomat by Lamy - Measuring systems
There is a very wide range of quality accessories
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Rheomat by Lamy - Rheomat LS 400
This is a rheometer with imposed speeds following Couette principle. This rheometer is measuring low viscosities at low shear rate.
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Rheomat by Lamy - Rheomat RM 300
Modular and universal Rheometer, with a wide range of shear rate from 0.05 to 150 000 s-1, according used geometries. It could replace RM115 or RM260 Rheomat, and works on RT300 oven or Cône-plate stativ.
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Rheomat by Lamy - Rheomat RM 300 + CP 100
Associated to CP100 Cone-Plate system, thermostated by Peltier Effect, the RM300 Rheomat enables rheological studies on small quantities of sample with very fast temperatures changes.
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Rheomat by Lamy - RM 200
Shear rate imposed Rheometer, with a wide spedds range from 0.5 to 1500 rpm, parallel, serial and USB port. It enables automatic flow curves and their fitting without PC.
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Rheomat by Lamy - Software
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Rheomat by Lamy - Temperature control systems
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