New Genova Bio Life Science Spectrophotometer
New Genova Bio Life Science Spectrophotometer
This simple, low cost, easy to use UV/visible spectrophotometer is dedicated for life science applications. To make measurements quicker and easier, the Genova Bio has pre-programmed methods for the measurement of nucleic acid concentration and purity, protein assays and cell density. This spectrophotometer measures across a UV/visible wavelength range of 198 to 800nm, with a narrow spectral bandwidth of 3nm. The Genova Bio is covered by a two-year warranty which includes the xenon lamp. 

•Life Science Spectrophotometer
•Pre-programmed for DNA, RNA and protein analysis
•Compatible with ultra-micro, semi-micro, micro and macro cuvettes
•Scanning diode array technology
•Colour touchscreen navigation
•Small footprint and lightweight (<3kg)
•Fast scan speed
•English, French, German, Italian and Spanish language options
•Multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity
•2-year warranty including xenon lamp


New Genova Bio Life Science Spectrophotometer
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