Kibron Delta-8

For pharmaceutical companies Delta-8 serves as the platform for Kibron PLDscreen, a unique assay predicting phospholipidosis with unprecedented accuracy, as well as for physicochemical profiling (QSAR) of compounds, providing key parameters such as Kaw, TSA, CMC and surface pKa.

For chemical industries, including surfactant/detergent suppliers and users, Delta-8 represents a revolutionary platform for cost-efficient product optimization. High throughput screening of CMC and surface tension can be made more than 100 times faster compared to conventional methods, with minimal sample consumption.

As high content screening of molecules has become a standard procedure within the industry, it has started to undergo rapid evolution also into the academic sector. HTS allows discovery driven research projects to be tackled on a totally new scale, generating data at unprecedented rate.

The high throughput of Delta-8 opens new exciting possibilities for surface chemistry R&D, allowing comprehensive and truly efficient physicochemical profiling.

Standard features of Kibron Delta-8:
• Standard 96-well platform Dyneplates
• Sample volume only 50 microliters/well
• Simultaneous equilibration of 96 samples
• Measurement of one plate in only 3-10 minutes, depending on application
• 8 Parallel high-precision microbalances and wire probes
• Automatic probe cleaning after each assay
• Comprehensive and easy-to-use software, immediate read-out of all key parameters
• Integration possibility to robotics and automatic liquid handling systems
• Robust and compact construction
• Easy-to-use with minimal maintenance

Kibron Delta-8 is the platform for the following applications:
• Pharmaceutical
• Surfactant manufacturers
• Surfactant formulators
• Print & ink industry
• CRO service providers
• Academic laboratories

Temperature range: 18–30°C
Measurement volume: 50 μl/well
Surface tension range: 10-100 mN/m
Resolution: 0.01 mN/m
Balance resolution: 0.050 μgrams
Precision: 0.2 mN/m
Method: Maximum pull force/du Nouy
Measurement time: (96-well plate) 3 minutes
Probe lifetime: 100 plates
Cleaning of probes: eClean (automatic Joule heating)
eClean cassette: Lifetime 400 plates

DyneSearch - 96-well plates
Dimensions: 127.8 × 85.5 mm (standard footprint)
Volume per well: 50 μl                       
Type: Disposable

Supported OS: NT4.0 /2000/XP
Min. requirements: PII266 MHz, 64 MB memory, CDROM-drive,SVGA display, one free COM port, 25 MB diskspace

Physical dimensions
Weight: 24 kg / 52,911 lbs.
Height: 405 mm / 15,945 in.
Width: 770 mm / 30,315 in.
Depth: 380 mm / 14,961 in.

Power supply
Input: 100 –120/200 –240 V, 47– 63 Hz.
Output: 12 V DC, 10.8 A.
Power max.: 120 W