Velp Carbon Nitrogen Analyzer

Flash determination of carbon and nitrogen content
Determination of TC, TOC (after acidification), TIC, TN and Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
Automated analysis of preloaded samples (117 positions)
Totally unsupervised operation
Results produced 24/7/365

NDIR Detector (Non Dispersive Infrared) to detect Carbon concentration
LoGas™ TCD with no reference gas required, for Nitrogen content
Unmatched LOD: Carbon 0.01 mgC, Nitrogen 0.001 mg N (using He) or 0.01 mg N (using Ar)
RSD less than 0.5% with EDTA standard
Conforms to Good Laboratory Practice standard
Leak tests (zone or total) ensure optimum performance

Operates with Argon and Helium as carrier gas without any hardware modification
Preinstalled methods with element selection (C,N and C/N)
Controllable from PC by the powerful CNsoft™ software
Clear and detailed reporting software
Data storable in multiple formats for LIMS or PC

Exceptionally low cost per analysis
Premium quality consumables
Low energy consumption with Stand-by and Sleeping mode
Lowest operator costs

Method of analysis:
Duration of analysis:

Sample weight:
Autosampler capacity:
Reproducibility (RSD):
Recovery: > 99.5%
Detection Range C:
Detection Range N:
Carrier gas:
Nitrogen Detection limit (Absolute values): 

Carbon Detection limit (Absolute values):
Combustion temperature:
Carrier gas (He/Ar):
Oxygen (O2):
Carrier gas (He/Ar) pressure:
Oxygen (O2) pressure:
Power supply: 
Dimensions (WxHxD):

Carbon/Nitrogen determination according to combustion method
3/4 minutes
N= TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector)
C= NDIR Detector (Non Dispersive Infrared)
Up to 1g
up to 4 discs, 30 positions each (up to 117 samples)
< 0.5% for EDTA standards approx. 100 mg
> 99.5%
ppm - 150 mgC
ppm - 200 mgN
Helium or Argon
0.001 mg N, with Helium
0.01 mg N, with Argon
0.01 mgC
1030 °C / 1886°F
purity 99.999% (grade 5.0)
purity 99.999% (grade 5.0)
2 bar
2 bar
Connectivity Cloud via LAN or Wi-Fi
USB; RS232
1400 W
230 V / 50 - 60 Hz
54 kg / 119 lb
655x510x410 mm