Velp Thermoreactor for COD Analysis - ECO 8 and ECO 25

Accurate Control
5 preset temperatures - 70, 100, 120, 150 and 160 °C
4 analysis times - 30 , 60, 120 minutes or continuous
LED indicator of operation

Choice of Size
ECO 8 - 8 samples in Ø 16 mm test tubes plus 1 sample in Ø 22 mm
ECO 25 can process 25 samples in Ø 16 mm test tubes simultaneously

Economical Operation
COD analysis in only 30 minutes at 160 °C
16 mm diameter tubes minimize reagent consumption

Safety Assured
Automatic shut-down at run end
Acoustic signals, e.g., at shut-down
Antisplash cover protects the user
For ECO 25, test tube extractor removes all tubes without user contact
 Rapid ID through alphanumeric labelling


General Features
Construction material:
Holes number and diameter:

End of the cycle:

Selectable working temperatures:
Selectable working times:

Heating Block Technical Data
Temperature stability:
Temperature homogeneity:
Temperature precision:
Overtemperature safety

Reaching of set temperature:
End of cycle:
Probe interruption:
Broken probe:
Exceed temperature range:

Epoxy painted metal structure
8 pos Ø 16 mm & 1 pos Ø 22mm / 25 pos. Ø 22mm
Acoustic signal with automatic switch-off

70, 100, 120, 150 and 160°C
30, 60, 120 min or continuous

± 0,5°C
± 0,5°C
± 1°C

Acoustic and visual signal
Acoustic and visual signal
Acoustic and visual signal
Acoustic and visual signal
Acoustic and visual signal

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