Velp OV5

The OV5 homogenizer is the ideal solution for dispersing, homogenizing, mixing and grinding biological tissue samples (cells, animal and plant tissues), pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food products.
The OV5 is characterized by a high versatility that makes it unique on the market.
A single shaft can be combined with a wide selection of stator and rotor configurations according to the specific application for which it is to be used. Flexible, easy-to-use, rapid and user-friendly stator and rotor interchangeability: a single instrument for a wide range of uses that ensures excellent performance and safety.

The OV5 homogenizer has an ergonomic design for simple handling. A built-in electronic motor control offers the possibility to adjust the speed from 10,000 to 30,000 rpm. The soft start prevents spillage whilst the automatic overload protection increases the life-span of the instrument.

The OV5 homogenizer has one shaft for all applications, simply configure it with the most suitable rotor and stator. The shaft, made of stainless steel and with PTFE seals, ensures high strength and excellent durability. It connects easily and quickly to the drive body through a snap hook;
the rotor/stator configuration can also be assembled in a few seconds and without the use of tools.

Rotor/Stator principle
The rotor / stator configuration consists of a high-speed rotor with sharp blades lodged within a stationary stator with openings. Thanks to the high rotor speed the sample is automatically sucked-in before being expelled by the centrifugal effect through the rotor-stator blades. The OV5 is suitable for the most diverse applications thanks to the wide range of rotors / stator configurations available. 

General Features
Construction material:
Stirring speed rpm:
Power supply:
Dimensions (WxHxD):

Stirring speed:
Stirring volume max (H2O):
Stirring volume max (H2O):
Max viscosity (mPa.s)*:
(*) mPa.s = 1 centipoise

Safety Devices
• Overload protection
• Smooth start
• Safety switch

• Support rod and base
• Double clamp 
• Strap clamp
• VS Shaft for homogenizer
• VS2C Coarse stator 20 mm
• VS2F Fine stator 20 mm
• VS3C Coarse stator 30 mm
• VS3F Fine stator 30 mm
• VS4C Coarse stator 40 mm

Dispersing Tool

Graduated scale
500 W
230 V / 50 Hz
1,3 Kg (2.9 lb)
70x255x70 mm (2.7x10x2.7 in)

From 10000 to 30000 rpm
Up to 8 liters as homogenizer
Up to 40 liters as high speed mixer

• H-stand with strap clamp, bosshead clamp
• VSR2 Standard rotor 20 mm
• VCR2 Cutter rotor 20 mm
• VMR2 Mixing rotor 20 mm
• VER2 Emulsifying rotor 20 mm
• VSR3 Standard rotor 30 mm
• VCR3 Cutter rotor 30 mm
• VMR3 Mixing rotor 30 mm
• VER3 Emulsifying rotor 30 mm

• **VSS5CSR4

*Most used combination **Shaft composed by rotor Ø 4mm and stator 5mm for microbiological application (es. suitable for Eppendorf test tubes, cuvettes, etc.)