Lamy Rheomat RM100L

The RM100L has 19 speeds from 5 to 1.000rpm, an integrated calculator, a 4-20 mA output signal and serial and USB ports. It works directly online on a pipe for high flow rates or in a bend for low flow rates, and uses a magnetic coupling providing perfect leaktightness. Real-Time acquisition of product viscosity.


• Food industry
• Cosmetics - Pharmaceuticals
• Coating
• Chocolate

Measuring Numeric rotative viscometer 
Rotation speed 19 speeds: 5-6-10-12-20-30-50-60-100-200-250-300-400-500-600-700-800-900-1000 tr/mn
Torque range 0.05 to 30 mNm
Operating temperature -10°C  to 120°C
Digital output: Temperature , speed, torque, viscosity
Viscosity range 1 mPa.s to 1 000 000 mPa.s

Supply voltage

90-240 VAC 50/60 hz
PC connection Serial and USB ports
Printer connection Parralel ports
Other detail The Visco-RM software allows automatic measurements on computer
Dimensions (WxLxH) and weight Electronic box: 105x 175 x261 mm
Head: ø 92 x h 312 mm