Lamy TX700

With its wide range of probes and cells, the TX-700 is the ideal tool for your texture analysis. Thanks to its touch screen directly displaying the curves, its method programming capability, storage and analysis of measurements, the TX-700 will integrate in laboratory and production area. Integrated PT 100 temperature probe. Direct visualization of curves. Programming and saving of methods. Memorization and data transfer. Wide choice of probes and cells. Interchangeable force sensors. Height adjustable tray.


 Choice of sensor 10 N (1 kg), Resolution 0.001 N (0.1 g) 20 N (2 kg), Resolution 0.001 N (0.1 g) 50 N (5 kg), Resolution 0.001 N (0.1 g) 250 N (20 kg), Resolution 0.01 N (1 g) 500 N (50 kg), Resolution 0.01 N (1 g)
 Speed range From 0.1mm/s to 10mm/s
 Motion Height: 240 mm / Resolution: 0.1 mm
 Temperature The TX-700 has a PT 100 sensor to measure your sample’s temperature from -50°C to +300°C
 Accuracy +/- 0.05 % of the full scale
 Display Force – Speed – Distance – Temperature - Time – Level
of sensitivity - Date/hour - Choice of force units: gram or Newton