It is effective to use a biological testing for fast and precise determination of the toxicity. Toxicity testing based on the bioluminescence of algae provides quick information and is easy to use.
BioLumino is suitable for both continuous and discontinuous analysis.

The detection of the toxic compounds is based on the bioluminescence delayed-fluorescence-curve and happens a long time before the actual cell dies. The bioluminescence is a selective characteristic of living cells.By providing constant measurement conditions, a high reproducibility of measurements is guaranteed.

Toxicity testing of plants
Cultivation of microalgae
Environmental analysis
Sewage analysis
Chemicals testing
Agricultural applications
Quality management

Fast and reproducible analysis
Compact measurement device for bioluminescence / delayed fluorescence
Use of ready assembled algae cultures
Registration of the complete decay-curves
Convenient software with statistics module
Suitable for on-line analysis and on-site-applications

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