PROTOC ® - TOC Analyser

PROTOC ® - TOC Analyser

PROTOC® is a fast, reliable and flexible on-line analyser system designed to accurately determine TOC/TC (Total Organic Carbon) concentrations in real time. The TOC analyser comprises a wall mount analyser section typically supplied complete with a controller, providing local display and outputting signals.

Protoc® 100
Low cost TOC analyser with manually operated valve to calibrate/zero/clean

Protoc® 300
Economical automated TOC analyser for single stream analysis (MCERTS model)

Principle of operation
PROTOC® instruments use an Ultra-Violet promoted persulphate oxidation to continuously determine the contamination of organic chemicals present in the sample. A carrier gas continuously sparges the reaction vessel liberating the resultant CO2 gas which is delivered to an Infra-Red detection system. Inorganic carbonates can be automatically removed by sample pre-treatment using an acid sparge.

Control and monitoring options
Various models are available offering different levels of automation. Two point automatic calibration (at zero and typically at 50% of the measuring scale), maintains accuracy and validates measurement performance. Provision of an acid wash can also enhance the self-cleaning measuring technique on the more challenging applications. Various options are also available for data display, data logging and telemetry communications. The Protoc® 300 model has been certified to meet the requirements of MCERTS (certificate SIRA MC 060077/00).

◾ Fast response from 3 minutes
◾ Two point auto-calibration
◾ Optional automatic cleaning
◾ Continuous multi-point analysis
◾ Telemetry outputs
◾ Optional data logging & Windows compatible software

Typical Specifications
Measuring Range:
Analyser Dimensions:

0-10 PPM (10,000 to 50,000 PPM with dilution) 
+/- 2% or better
GRP to IP65 protection
620 (h) x 500 (w) x 280 (d) mm
35 Kg



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