Cecil HPLC

Cecil HPLC

Cecil Instruments offer both high pressure gradient mixing and low pressure gradient mixing systems. The Adept series uses high pressure gradient mixing, whilst the Q-Adept systems offer low pressure gradient mixing. Binary, ternary or quaternary gradients may be generated.

Both Adept and Q-Adept systems are fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant. Single point control of modules through PowerStream sofware, is facilitated by the digital connections.
A new addition to the Cecil Instruments ranges of HPLC is the Merit range of HPLC systems. The Merit HPLC systems are available as isocratic or binary gradient low pressure mixing systems. They are very easy to use and highly affordable. 

Ultra Fast Scanning
Super Performance
Powerful Software
Total Flexibility
Excellent Reliability
Expandable Systems
High Pressure Mixing

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