Infrared Vortex Mixer - WIZARD

Infrared Vortex Mixer - WIZARD

Ultimate Convenience
Vibration starts when tube is detected by IR (VELP patent)
No fatigue as no pressure is required
Eliminates repetitive strain injury
IR sensor and continuous modes

User Comfort
Compact in height and area
Stability is optimized with selection lever related to operating mode
3 anti-slip rubber feet for staying in required position

Multi-Application Response
Variable speed operation, electronically controlled up to 3000 rpm
Large choice of accessories to suit tubes, plates and flasks
Universal voltage / frequency model

Robust Design
Accessories fit by simple pressure
Optimum resistance to chemicals from technopolymer casing
Excellent stability with zinc alloy base
IP 42 protection against particles and liquids

General Features
Construction material:
Support system:
Type of movement:
Orbital diameter:

Operational mode:
Speed setting:
Speed control:
Electronic protection degree CEI EN 60529:

Power supply:
Dimension: (WxHxD)

Stirring speed:

Zinc alloy and technopolymer
3 anti-sliding feet
4,5 mm
Sensor / Continuous

15 W
100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
2,2 Kg (4.9 lb)
180x70x220 mm (7.1x2.8x8.7 in)

0 - 3000 rpm

Small rubber supporting plate Ø 50 mm
Customizable soft foam top
Foam stand for n° 19 microvials 1,5 ml - Eppendorf®
Foam stand for n° 5 test-tubes Ø 16 mm
Foam stand for n° 4 test-tubes Ø 29 mm
Foam stand for microtiter


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