Recirculating Water Pump - JP

Recirculating Water Pump - JP

Optimized Performance
Aspiration matches digestion phases and sample number
Eliminates the problem of unreliable water supply
Up to 35 liters/minute airflow pumping speed
Selectable performance mode related to samples

Robust Design
Chemically resistant ABS structure
Premium quality materials

Practical Considerations
Water recirculated for economy
Quiet operation
Water level detection
Convenient drain valve
Easy to move using two in-set handles

General Features
Construction material:
Maximum air flow:
Flow rregulation:
Residual pressure with water temp. of 15°C:
Dimension: (WxHxD)

35 l/min
0 ÷ 35 l/min
35 mm/Hg

160 W

250x400x 370 mm (9.8x15.7x14.6 in)

• Automatism and optimization of the sucking power
• Strongly reduced water consumption in comparison to water jet pumps connected to tap
• Possibility of avoiding emission into the atmosphere of gaseous pollutants or polluted waters into drainages
• Indipendent from tap water contingencies like low water availability or low pressure

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