Surface Tension

Kibron Ez-Pi Plus

Kibron EZ-Pi Plus introduces a new era in the measurement of surface tension. You can use both du Noüy and Wilhelmy technique, using the same probe. Cuvette holder can be temperature controlled with an external water bath. A complete, portable, surface chemistry lab when interfaced to a laptop.

Kibron AquaPi

The Kibron AquaPi is the first battery operated and portable tensiometer, rugged enough for field operations and on-site measurements. With AquaPi you can measure surface tension easily and rapidly, practically anywhere.

Kibron Delta-8

Kibron Delta-8 represents a true breakthrough, making high throughput screening possible in surface chemistry, from CMC measurement to advanced drug discovery.

Kibron DeltaPi and DeltaPi-4

Kibron DeltaPi and DeltaPi-4 are novel types of instruments: Langmuir-tensiometers, which allow you to measure the binding of drugs, peptides, and proteins to lipid membranes - easily and with unparalled sensitivity.

Kibron MicroTroughX

With the universal Kibron MicroTroughX you can study isotherms, lipid monolayers, deposit LB films and much more – with unparalleled sensitivity and precision. Kibron MicrotroughXL has an extended area (with our novel Precision Plus trough) compared to the standard model MicroTroughXS.