Spectrophotometers (UV/VIS - NIR - SWIR)

photoLab®7100 VIS

The spectral photometer photoLab®7100 VIS with AQA and IQ LabLink combines secured water analysis with uncomplicated special and spectral analytics. Provides the fastest and most affordable routine analysis via barcoded test kits for round and rectangular cuvettes. More than 250 methods are available for waste/drinking water, food and beverage industry as well as production, environmental monitoring or fish farming.

Photolab®7600 UV-VIS

Simple measuring: PhotoLab®7600 UV-VIS from 190- 1100 nm supports the fastest and affordable routine analytics by using barcoded test kits and round and rectangular cuvettes just like the VIS version PhotoLab®7100. More than 250 methods are available for water analytics, galvanics and general lab analytics.