Gas Analyzers

Online H2S meter

OnlineH2S includes a microcontroller-unit for a quantitative determination of the released H2S from the sewer with sensor technology at two or more selected measurement points.

WITT Oxybaby M+

OXYBABY® M+ O2/CO2 – mobile gas analyzer for quality control of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) The gas analyzer OXYBABY® M+ is a cost effective mobile alternative to tabletop / fixed analysers.

WITT Oxybaby 6.0 O2/CO2

Mobile headspace gas analyzer for checking of modified atmosphere packaging. Perfect device for mobile, fast and accurate samples: at the packaging machine, in packages or in the laboratory.

WITT OxyBaby Can Piercer

The OXYBABY® Can-Piercer is essential for head space analysis of bottles and cans.

WITT Leakmaster

Micro-leak detection system for packages based on CO2. LEAK-MASTER® features non-destructive detection of the smallest leaks without the need for costly Helium.

WITT Hydrobaby & Multi Function Analyzer

The new handheld HYDROBABY is the smallest, lightest and most price competitive in portable instruments for low dewpoint measurement capability on the market today.