Purite Select HP

The Select range of water purification systems is available in five standard models: Analyst, HP, Purewater 300, Fusion and Neptune. All providing outputs of 4 to 48 l/hr. As well as Select tank and pump, additional options for the Select range include external tanks with ultraviolet (UV) and 0.2μm air vent filters.

The Select range of high performance water purification systems offers a unique combination of reliability, quality and functionality for all laboratory applications. Built upon core water purification techniques, the range offers a flexible package to suit a wide range of applications.

Product Outputs @10°C (l/hr) @25°C (l/hr) 
40  3.6 
80  7.2 12 
160   14.4 24 
320  30 48 
Treated Water Quality  Analyst HP 
Inorganics >1MΩ.cm >10MΩ.cm
pH1  Neutral Neutral 
Bacteria >99% rejection2  <1cfu/ml 
Organics - TOC (ppb) <50  <20 
Particles <0.1µm 
DNases -
RNases -
1 pH of stored water may decrease due to absorption of free carbon dioxide
When measured directly across the membrane
Technical Specification  Analyst HP 
Puter water storage  Optional 20 litre 
(External 50 & 100 litre tanks available) 
Display panel LCD-Colour touch screen 
Pre-treatment cartridge √  
Reverse osmosis √  √ 
Deionisation cartridge √  √  
Internal filtration  0.1µm  
Point of use  0.2µm  
UV lamp  √* 
Recirculation pump  √ 
* External tank version only