Purite Select Purewater 300

The system is compact, robust, simple to use and easy to maintain, using proven pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and ion-exchange deionisation technology to ensure a reliable and consistent supply of purified water.

The unit has standard connections for quick installation, with a high flow outlet that fits easily to most glassware washing machines using a conventional gravity feed. It incorporates a standard 20 litre integral tank or can be supplied with an optional external 50 or 100 litre tank for extra capacity.

The Purewater 300 can also be supplied with an optional boost pump to ensure optimum performance at all times, especially in areas where incoming feed water pressure is below 4 bar.

Treated Water Specification Purewater 300  
Inorganics >1MΩ.cm  
pH1  Neutral  
Bacteria >99% rejection2   
Organics - TOC (ppb) <50   
1 pH of stored water may decrease due to absorption of free carbon dioxide
When measured directly across the membrane
Technical Specification  Purewater 300  
Puter water storage  Optional 20 litre 
(External 50 & 100 litre tanks available) 
Display panel LCD-Colour touch screen 
Pre-treatment cartridge  
Reverse osmosis √   
Deionisation cartridge √   
Output @ 25°C  48 l/hr   
Output @ 10°C  30 l/hr