Purite Integra HP


The Integra HP is a compact, mobile, centralised water purification and distribution unit. Fully integrated, it incorporates reverse osmosis, ion-exchange, carbon dioxide membrane degassing, ultra violet irradiation and bacterial filtration technologies, to produce purified water that meets requirements for laboratory grade water.

•Range of make-up rates 60/120/190 l/hr to suit a wide range of applications Integral 50 litre purified water storage tank eliminates the need for external tanks
•Carbon dioxide membrane degasser to enhance deioniser capacity
•Range of polishing deionisers for higher volume users
•Full colour intuitive LCD touch screen for ease of operation
•Variable speed distribution pump to conserve energy during periods of low demand
•Cat5 compliant break tank to comply with water regulations
•Internal by-pass to provide continuity of service in an emergency

Treated Water Quality Specification

Resistivity  >10MΩ.cm   
pH Neutral  
Organics >30 ppb  
Particles* <0.2µm  
Bacteria*  <1cfu/ml  
Make-up flowrate based on 10°C feedwater 60/120/190 l/hr  
Purified water distribution Up to 270 l/hr and a max of 3 bar  
Process Technologies    
Pre-treatment  Carbon filter   
Reverse osmosis Low energy membranes   
Carbon dioxide degassing (optional) Hollow fibre membrane   
Deionisation Nuclear grade mixed bed cylinder   
Water storage 50 litres   
Recirculation pump 4.5 l/min   
UV irradiation Bactericidal 254 nm   
Microfiltration (optional) 0.2μm   
Display Full colour LCD   


Dimensions  HP60  HP120  HP190 
Width 890 890 890
Depth 500 500 500
Height  840  840  840 
Installation Requirements 
Power  230V 230V  230V 
Feedwater  Hard Portable  Hard Portable  Softened 
Total dissolved solids  1000ppm  1000ppm  1000ppm 
Inlet pressure (min-max) 2-6 bar (30-90psi)   2-6 bar (30-90psi)  2-6 bar (30-90psi) 
Feedwater temperature 1-35°C  1-35°C  1-35°C