Purite Integra L


Integra L water purification units use proven reverse osmosis technology, in conjunction with activated Carbon and particulate filtration as part of the first stage of purification. Water from the first stage is stored in an integral stainless steel tank providing a continuous feed to a ringmain. To maintain microbiological purity, the circulating water is continually purified using UV and membrane filtration technology.

The systems are configured to run on both hard and soft feed water; Integra LH and LS respectively.

As standard, all Integra systems are equipped with sophisticated integral data logging technology providing a historic traceability for key operating parameters.

Dimensions 1000 x 750 x 1800 mm  
Power 230V  
Feed Water Potable3  
Maximum TDS (ppm) 1000  
Mini inlet pressure - psi (bar) 45 (3.1)  
Max inlet pressure - psi (bar) 90 (6.2)   
Feed Water temperature 1 - 35°C  
Treated Water Quality Specification    
Inorganics1 <30µs/cm   
pH 5-7  
Bacteria2 >99% rejection  
Organics1 >99% rejection  
Particles2 0.2µm  
Endotoxins2 0.25 EU/ml  
1 For enhanced inorganic and organic quality the unit can be fitted with either 10, 15, or 18MΩ.cm polishing deionisers packs. Typical TOC levels <50ppb.
2 Optional 'BioPack' will provide purified water with a total visble count of <1cfu/ml, endotoxin level <0.25EU/ml and particles <0.2µm
Process Specification     
Pre-treatment  Activated Carbon   
Reverse osmosis  √   
Pure water storage  Up to 250 litres   
Deionisation1  Optional   
TOC reduction1  Optional   
UV lamp2  Optional 254nm   
Internal Filtration2  Optional 0.2µm   
Recirculation  Variable speed   
Display  LCD   
Purified water make-up flow rate @ 10°C3  225 - 600 l/hr   
Purified water distribution  Up to 3000 l/hr   
1 10, 15 18MΩ.cm polishing deionisation packs available including activated carbon for TOC reduction
2 Included in BioPack 
3 Softened feed water required for 600 l/hr (Integra Ls). Integra Lh can operate on hard water up to 400ppm as CaCO3