CertoClav Vacuum Pro Series

CertoClav Vacuum Pro Series
Sterilization of liquids and any kind of solid bodies. With flexible media temperature sensor and vacuum pump. Customizeable programs up to 143°C. Touch screen, WiFi, LAN, USB. Also suitable for material tests with automatic repeated cycles

Why Vacuum Pro? 
All-in-One: for the sterilization of solids and liquids
Safe: reliable sterilization thanks to integrated media sensor
Fast: short sterilization cycles from 20 minutes
Programmable: saving time through standard programs and automatic repeat function
Reliable: robust technology, high-quality components from brand manufacturers, vacuum pump Made in Germany
Documentation: automatic documentation via CertoCloud, GLP-conform

Technical features 
Performance: sterilization temperature 105 ° C to 134 ° C, maximum operating pressure 230 kPa
Method: vacuum, pressure, steam
Volume: 12 / 18 / 22 / 45 liter
Control: via the 7" touchscreen or the CertoCloud web interface
Water supply: integrated water tank / by water connection (with RO system)
Programs: 10 standard programs for solids and liquids, all parameters editable
Automation: hundreds of sterilization cycles in a row - fully automatic - without user interaction, ideal for material testing

  • select from a number of predefined standard programs, all parameters can be adjusted for optimal sterilization
  • the automatic repeat function allows material testing with any number of sterilization cycles without user interaction. With the included CertoCloud software every single cycle can (even remotely) be monitored in real time and logged. The notification function informs the user via SMS or email when the process has completed.
Click here for a demo video.