Purite Labwater Deionisers 1&2


Choice of outputs
The Labwater 1 & 2 deionisers provide 1-10 litres per day of purified water for general applications in the laboratory direct from a mains supply. Water is produced instantly at between 30 and 60 litres per hour.

Water quality
Pure water better than 1MΩ.cm, produced to BS EN ISO3696 Grade 2.

Each Labwater is wall mounted as standard to save bench space.

Easy to Install
The Labwaters come with all necessary connectors for easy installation and only require 12mm braided hose (not supplied) to connect the Labwater to a tap or stopcock. Both an outlet spout and flexible outlet pipe are supplied as standard.

Easy to use
Each unit can be used immediately after installation by opening the inlet valve. The cartridge window will change colour automatically from blue to brown when output water quality falls below 1MΩ.cm.

No mains electricity is required because the purification process operates on feedwater pressure. A meter is not required because the cartridge incorporates a colour-change window.

Included in all models
•Wall bracket and connections for fast easy installation.
•Deionisation cartridge for ionic contaminant removal.
•Colour-change resin for instant water quality indication.
•Inlet on/off valve with 12mm hose connector.
•Outlet spout and flexible outlet pipe.

Technical Specification Labwater 1 Labwater 2 
Max. feed pressure (bar) 0.5 - 5 0.5 - 5 
Max. feed flow rate (l/hr) 30 60 
Output capacity, litres    
@50 mg/l tds (soft) 640 1280 
@200 mg/l tds (medium-hard) 160  320 
@300 mg/l tds (hard) 106 212 
pH Neutral Neutral 
Conductivity 1-10 µS-cm 1-10 µS-cm  
Width (mm) 80  80 
Depth (mm)  100  100 
Height (mm) 580 760 
Feed water Potable Potable 
Maximum TDS (ppm) 1000 1000  
Feed water  temperature 1 - 35°C  1 - 35°C