Hermle Z 326

Both the table top centrifuge Z 326 and the refrigerated table top centrifuge Z 326 K offer a wide assortment of rotor options, making them ideal for a wide variety of research applications. Rotor exchange between swing out, micro, or high volume angled rotors is very simple and can take place in a matter of seconds.


• Maintenance-free induction drive
• Microprocessor with large LCD display
• Motor driven lid lock
• Automatic rotor identification system with over speed protection,
immediately upon rotor insertion
• Active imbalance-identification and -cut off (rotor specific)
• Imbalance tolerant drive
• A large variety of rotors and accessories
• Manufactured according to international safety regulations, i.e. IEC 1010
• Audible signal at the end of each run with several melody options
• Rotor exchange is easy to handle
• Noise level under 60 dBA at max. speed
• Optimized airfl ow system keeps the samples cool (Z 326)

Distinct Control Panel
• Simple one handed operation
• Easy to program with gloves on
• Splash proof digital display
• Permanent indication of Preset and Actual Values
• Selection of speed in both rpm and g-force,with increments of 10
• 10 acceleration and 10 deceleration rates, Possibility of unbraked decelaration
• Pre-selection of running time from 10 sec to 99h 59min or continous
• Storage of up to ninety runs incl. rotor type
• Quick-key for short runs
• Diagnostic program

Technical data
• Max. speed: 18000 rpm
• Max RCF: 23545 xg
• Max. volume: 4 x 100 ml
• Speed range: 200 - 18000 rpm
• Running Time: 59 min 50 sec / 10 sec. increments 99 h 59 min / 1 min increments
• Dimensions (wxhxd): 40 cm x 36 cm x 48 cm
• Weigth: 43 kg
• Power Input: 455 W

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