Rayto Microplate Washer RT-2600 C

The RT-2600-C is a fully automated microtiter plate washer for washing 48 and 96-well plates. The washer washes flat, round and V-bottom plates.  Is easy to use and features a large LCD display.

• Fully automatic 
• Easy Windows operature system, large LCD display 
• Washes flat, round and V-bottom strips and plates 
• 12-way or 8 way manifold, automatic and manual positioning 
• Large memory to store upto 50 wash protocols 
• Automatic monitoring for vacuum and pressure, automatic rinse cycle 
• Automatic check for plate and strip 
• Washing pressure, volume and time adjustable 
• Liquid level sensor and alart feature 
• Liquid level sensor and alart feature 
• No special airtight bottle required for wash bottle 
• Easy maintenance design

Plate mode 96- or 48- well plate or strip
Dispense Precision

CV < 2%

Residual Volume  < 1µ L
Washing Volume 50-3000L for 8-way manifold
50-2000L for 12 way manifold
Washing Cycle Maximum 99 cycles
Strip Washing 1 to 12 channels adjustable
Soaking Time 0-24 hours 
Display 5" LCD
Bottle  Capacity 2 liters each
Memory 50 washing protocols
Interface RT-232 serial port
Net Weight 8Kg
Dimensions 390mm x 340mm x 180mm