PolyScience Refrigerated Circulating Baths (Standard Digital)

Refrigerated Circulators with Standard Digital Temperature Controller

Key Specifications
Working Temperature: From -20° up to +170°C 
Temperature Stability: ±0.04°C 
Safety Rating: DIN 12876-1 Class I (for use with non-flammable liquids) 
Pump: 2-speed 
External Circulation: Closed-loop 

  • LidDock™ self-stowing reservoir cover
  • DuraTop™ insulating, chemical-resistant top deck
  • WhisperCool® Environmental Control System
  • Cool Command™ modulated refrigeration system
  • Reservoir drain
  • Washable air filter

Key Features
  • Large, universal icon and English display
  • Swivel 180™ Rotating Controller
  • On-board connectivity: RS-232 serial output
  • On-screen prompts
  • Automatic performance optimization
  • Single-point calibration capability

Available sizes 7 liter        
Overall Dimensions 541 x 221 x 617 mm        
Working Access  157 x 142 x 127 mm        
Working Temp. range -20° to 170° C        


Set and read to 0.1°C, ±0.04°C temperature stability, and a 2-speed pump make the Standard Digital Controller an economical and reliable choice for a variety of laboratory applications, including those requiring closed-loop external circulation.  

Intuitive Operation
Plain-text prompts and intuitive controls guide you quickly through setup. Intelligent touch and scroll display makes it easy to make both large and small set-point changes.

User-settable high-temperature safety provides over-temperature and low-liquid level protection. Adjustable high and low limits guard against unintended set-point changes.