Rayto RT-2100C

The RT-2100C is a fully automated stand-alone 8-channel photometer for reading 96-well plates. Easy to operate by LCD display with touch screen. The software allows qualitative and quantitative methods of calculation to perform 12 different tests per plate. Standard 4 filters, 4 extra optional filters.

• Bichromatic optic system with 4 wavelenghs.
• 8-channel optic fibre system,get reading result in just 5 seconds.
• Large LCD display,Win CE compatible operating system.
• Touch-screen or external mouse.
• Large memory to store 10000 results.
• Shaking plate feature.
• Performing 12 different tests just in one plate.
• Multi-forms in result output including patient comprehensive report.
• Easy software upgrade by SD card.

Absorbance Range 0 - 4.000Abs


Accuracy  0.1% or 0.005Abs
Type of Microplate Standard with 96-well or other kind of microplate and strip
Light Source Halogen lamp, 8V/50W
Wavelengths 405, 450, 492, 630nm, 4 more filters optional
Wavelength Accuracy 1nm 
Band width 8nm
Calculation Method ABS, %ABS, Cut-Off, Single Standard, --Curve, Multi-Percent, Percent Log, Linear, Exponential, Power, 4PL Regression
Reading Speed 5 seconds for 96 well plate (single wavelength)
Shaking Plate Shaking time and speed adjustable
Memory More than 100 programs, up to 100,000 test results
Printer All printers compatible with Windows