Memmert Compressed-Cooled Incubator ICP

ICP Compressed Cooled Incubator
Our ICP compressor-cooled incubator offers great results whenever a rapid and precise changeover between heating and cooling phases in ramp operation is required. Due to the finely tuned control technology, temperatures exactly reach the setpoint values without the need for energy-intensive bursts of power.

- temperature range up to +60 °C
- 5 model sizes (53 to 749 litres volume)
- 1 model variant: TwinDISPLAY
- double doors standard for all models: Prevention of contamination and drops in temperature, and at the same time an optimum view of the sensitive load through wide-area interior glass doors
- very good air circulation in the working chamber through sophisticated ventilation technology
- intelligent defrosting function




Exterior (wxhxd)

Interior (wxhxd)



53 liter

585x1153x514 mm

400x400x330 mm

500 W


108 liter

745x1233x584 mm

560x480x400 mm

500 W


256 liter

824x1552x684 mm

640x800x500 mm

700 W


449 liter

1224x1613x784 mm

1040x720x600 mm

750 W


749 liter

1224x1950x784 mm

1040x1200x600 mm

1200 W

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