SI Vortex Genie 2T

Shaking or Vortexing Action.
Variable speed control allows slow speed shaking action up to high speed vortexing. In addition, each attachment is designed to produce different mixing actions, allowing users to choose the correct action for each application.

Multi-Task Versatility.
A broad range of attachments of various shapes, sizes, and materials allows for mixing of almost all common tubes or containers for Hands-Free or Touch operation.

Hands-Free or Touch.
A 3-position power switch operates with continuous action or “Touch On” control. With the true “Hands-Free” operation of continuous action, lab operators can greatly increase lab efficiency.

Timer Function.
Both Touch and Hands-Free mode automatically turns unit off after set time. Touch Mode: 1-60 seconds. Hands-Free (switch activated Start/Stop) Mode: 1-60 minutes or continuous untimed mode. No need to watch the clock. Unit automatically stops at set time – in Touch Mode or Hands-Free (switch activated Start/Stop) Mode

General Features
Speed (RPM):
Supplied with:
Dimension: (WxHxD)

3 inch Platform
4 Kg (8.8 lb)
165x122x165 mm (6.5x4.8x6.5 in)