Wilten Instruments has a wide range of instruments. Because of the variety of options on some products we are not able to mention all of them on our website. Complete information is available on demand.
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Wilten Instruments
flexible and inventive

Wilten Instruments has been a supplier of basic, analytical and physical laboratory equipment in the Benelux since 1952. As an enthusiastic and driven team we are constantly looking for new techniques and innovative instruments. We have a complete range of instruments, standard or customised. Many of our instruments can be divided into one of our 4 main product groups which we are specialized in.

Agro & Food

Laboratory instruments that are suitable for applications in the agricultural and food industry and that meet the required standards. Here an overview of the product groups of agro & food.

What you need to know

Our product specialists provide advise on the best instrument for your application, but are also happy to help you with complex customer-specific issues.

We are a small team, which means short lines and fast communication

We like to interact with people and play an active role between supplier and customer

Maintenance and repair is done in-house

We work with a large number of first-class producers

Over 500 products

We have a wide range of instruments. Contact us, you will be suprised by our versatility.

Over 40 Different Brands

Wilten Instruments is distributor of various brands.

70 Years Experience

As an enthousiastic and innovative team, we are constantly exploring for new techniques.

Different Industries

Our instruments can be divided into one of 4 main product groups Basic, Agro&Food, Biotech&Lifescience and (Petro)Chemistry.