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CertoClav EL

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Aluminium autoclave

The economical end-to-end solution. A precision thermometer, a control valve, and a precision manometer with drag indicator provide precise processes and accurate results for all applications.

This model is available in two versions, each with two temperature levels. You can choose between 125/140 °C and 115/121 °C. These temperature settings are controlled via the control valve on the lid. These valves are not interchangeable, because the thermostat of the device is harmonized with and calibrated to the respective valve!

Ideal for the sterilization of unpackaged solids without hollow bodies, liquids, bottles, instruments, synthetic materials, food preservation, culture media preparation, and waste.

Key Features
  • robust construction
  • 2 temperature levels (125/140 °C & 115/121 °C)
  • 12 or 18 liters
  • thermostat controlled
  • simple operation
  • high heating capacity
  • heating plate integrated into base
  • venting by flow procedure
  • precision thermometer
  • precision manometer with drag pointer

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