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CertoClav MultiControl

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The programmable all-rounder

The CertoClav MultiControl is a PT100 sensor-controlled laboratory autoclave. It is operated via a control unit. With this control unit you can customize the programs of the autoclave to your requirements.

The possible settings range from 1 minute to 30 days and from room temperature to 140 °C. This simplifies and accelerates the work process in the laboratory and, at the same time, offers a versatile range of applications. The control unit is equipped with a USB and a printer port (RS232) for the transfer or printout of sterilization protocols. The automated process control saves valuable employee time and the automated error detection validates the sterilization result.

Software, recording the process data via USB, is included as a basic version. Without connecting a PC, the control unit can only be used to set programs that include just one time and one temperature step. For programs that include several time and temperature steps, the PC software professional version is required.


Ideal for extended / long-term cycles and material tests like GSB AL 631, HAST Test, Pressure Cooker Test und IPC-TM 650, as well as culture media preparation, sterilization of waste, sterilization of biological hazardous substances (S2), unpackaged solids without hollow bodies, liquids, bottles, instruments, synthetic materials, and rubber.

  • microprocessor-controlled
  • 12 liter
  • automatic venting
  • electronic process control
  • PT100 temperature sensor
  • time and temperature individually editable
  • control unit with LCD display
  • venting by fractional flow procedure
  • RS232 & USB port
  • heating integrated in the base

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