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icanCLAVE STE-45-T & CertoAssist – SET

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Horizontal laboratory autoclaves

The extra large All-In-One autoclave. The preheatable chamber, the air-cooling system and the vacuum pump, make a fast sterilization cycle including drying of about 20 minutes possible.

Due to its predefined standard programs, automatic documentation and short sterilization cycles, the icanCLAVE autoclave model STE-45-T makes everyday laboratory work much easier. The intelligent combination of vacuum, pressure and steam makes the icanCLAVE STE-45-T suitable for solids of all materials and the additional media sensor (PT1000) guarantees the complete sterilization of liquids, such as culture media.

In addition, the icanCLAVE STE-45-T is equipped with the CertoAssist, an extra-large, robust and high-resolution touchscreen. All operating steps are explained directly on the screen with videos. As soon as the autoclave is connected to the Internet via WLAN, it can be connected to the CertoCloud.

Ideal for the sterilization of culture media in bottles and for class B program cycles, as well as for sterilization of waste, sterilization of waste in disposal bags, unpackaged solids without hollow bodies, liquids, bottles, instruments and synthetic materials.

Key Features
  • 8 preinstalled programs
  • 45 liters
  • vacuum pump Made in Germany
  • flexible media sensor PT1000
  • CertoAssist touchscreen
  • automatic documentation
  • RS232, RS485, USB, SD card
  • ethernet, LAN, WiFi
  • cloud connection
  • GMP/GLP compliant

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