Aanbiedingen Biotech & Lifescience


  Merk & Type Omschrijving
rt2100c.jpg Rayto RT 2100C Microplaat lezer
Groot LCD display met touchscreen
96-well plate, meerdere tests per plaat
Westguard Multi-rule, geautomatiseerde QC waarschuwing
Plaat schudder, snelheid en tijd instelbaar
€ 1.659,-
rt6100.jpg Rayto RT 6100 Microplaat lezer, pc gestuurd
8-kanaals optisch fiber systeem zorgt voor snelle lezing van 96-well plaat
Calculatie modus: eindpunt twee-punts, kinetisch
Plaat schudder, snelheid en tijd instelbaar
€ 2.475,-
labtech-reader.jpg LT-4500 MTP spectrophotometer

TECAN Infinite® F50

Plug and play, easy setup in minutes
8 channel (+1 reference) optical system ensures fast read times with accurate and reproducible results
Proven reliability – Tested reliability of >100,000 plates
Four standard filters with space for up to 4 optional filters that are user installable without the need for tools
Linear shaking with four modes
LT-com data analysis software supplied as standard
€ 3.500,-
tc312.jpg Thermal Cycler TC-312

Block for 25 x 0.2mL micro tubes
Easy to use software, max. memory 99 programs
Temp. range 4°C- 99°C.
Connect to PC and RS232 port.
€ 1.589,-

tc512.jpg Thermal Cycler TC-512

Block for 96 wells or 384 wells plate
Easy to use software, max. memory 99 programs
Temp. range 4°C- 99°C
Wide linear gradient and calculator
Connect to PC and RS232/485 port
€ 2.100,-

gravimetricdillutor.jpg Alliance Bio Expertise Diluwel Gravimetrische verdunner voor snelle en nauwkeurige dosering.
Fast & accurate dispensing 12 sec. for 225ml / (9 sec in turbo mode)
Dilution accuracy > 98 %
Dimensions 250 x 275 x 400 mm
€ 5.050,-
apelex.jpg Apelex ST606T Electroforese power supply
Output range / Resolution
1 - 600 V / 1V
15ua - 800mA / 1mA
Power 0,3 - 300W
operation temp. 0 - 40°C
€ 760,-
corp.jpg E-C Apparatus Corp.
EC 650
Electroforese power supply
3 modes: constant power, constant current or constant voltage.
€ 1.600,-
chu.jpg Scie-Plas CHU25 Cooled Maxi plus gel unit
With removable gel casting tray
Gel size 25x30cm
€ 586,-
eb10.jpg Scie-Plas EB10 Electroblot unit voor 10x10cm gels
Afmetingen 14x20x14,5cm
€ 340,-
gd4534.jpg Scie-Plas GD4534 Complete slab Gel dryer system
Afmetingen 35x34cm
€ 880,-
hu6.jpg Scie-Plas HU-6 Midi horizontale gel unit, with removable gel
casting tray, incl 1 x UV tray, 6x7,5cm, 2x1mm, 8 sample combs
€ 188,-
  Scie-Plas HU-13 Midi horizontale gel unit, with removable gel
casting tray, incl 1 x UV tray, 12,8x15cm, 2x1mm, 16 sample combs
€ 222,-
v10.jpg Scie-Plas V10CDCY Mini verticale cooled + Cast base,10x10cm, compact jewel mini vertical gel unit
€ 456,-

  Scie-Plas V10SDB Semi-Dry Blotting System, 10x10cm
€ 312,-

  Scie-Plas V20CDCY Maxi Vertical cooled + Cast Base, 20x20cm, compact jewel vertical gel unit
€ 528,-

  Scie-Plas Gel Unit
€ 528,-

complete-slab-gel-dryer-system-300x169.jpg Complete Slab Gel Dryer System

◾Even heat distribution via an 800W heating membraneComplete Slab Gel Dryer System
◾dries sequencing gels up to 40x50cm in as little as 30 minutes
◾dries multiple small format gels quikly
◾accurate temperature control up to 90°C
◾5 hour timer for heating element
◾5 hour timer for vacuum pump

€ 528,-