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Bitterness Units and Vicinal Thickness Tones determination

Simple Bitterness Units and Vicinal Thickness Determination
by spectrophotometry

The Central European Brewery Analysis Committee (MEBAK) has defined uniform analytical procedures for all raw materials, excipients and supplies for breweries. With the NANOCOLOR UV/VIS II spectrophotometer and MACHEREY NAGEL’s wide range of brewing products, you can easily and reliably analyze all (photometrically) evaluable parameters.

Recently, MACHEREY NAGEL has expanded its brewing analyses to include two new tests: NANOCOLOR® Vicinal Thickness Tones and NANOCOLOR® Bitterness Units.
With the NANOCOLOR® Bitterness Units cuvette test, the bitter substances in beer, mainly iso-α-acids, are extracted from a beer sample using iso-octane. They are then measured in a 10 mm quartz cuvette in the UV range at 275 nm. With a response time of 80 seconds, MACHEREY NAGEL offers you the fastest determination of bitter units with this test.

The best-known representative of vicinal diketones is diacetyl, which is often described as a buttery taste. The new NANOCOLOR® Vicinal Diketones cuvette test allows diacetyl to be determined quickly and easily. The diketones react with a phenylenediamine derivative to form a quinoxaline derivative. It can be determined photometrically at 335 nm using the well-known round cuvette for simple and rapid determination of vicinal diketones.
In addition to NANOCOLOR® cuvette testing, MACHEREY NAGEL offers a complete package for breweries

Nanocolor UV/VIS II Spectrophotometer