Wilten Instruments has a wide range of instruments. Because of the variety of options on some products we are not able to mention all of them on our website. Complete information is available on demand.
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Water activity (Aw) is one of the most important factors in determining quality and safety of the products you consume every day. Water activity affects the shelf life, safety, texture, taste and odor of foods. It is also vital for the stability of medicines and beauty products. Because water activity is so important, being able to measure it quickly and accurately is just as important. ROTRONIC's AwTherm is the ideal water activity meter that can be used directly in your production and research environments. Through temperature stabilization (0 - 60°C), all components of a product and the ambient atmosphere can be

Are you familiar with the phenomenon of color measurement? It is a fascinating process that enables accurate and defined color determination, allowing us to eliminate visual and perceptual differences created by the human eye. Color measurement is invaluable in various industries, including printing, paint production, food, textiles, petrochemicals and the world of oils and fats. It plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency and quality in products and processes. Discover this item from our range of color meters: Colormeter Pro One of our leading products is the ColorMeter Pro, a handy measuring tool that can be linked to your smartphone (with the FREE

Viscometers are instruments used to measure the viscosity of liquids. They are used in various industries. By measuring the viscosity of a liquid, you can determine its flow properties and adjust your production process if necessary. Gel timer is another important tool used to measure the gel time of materials, the time it takes for a material to become a gel after being mixed. Gel times are important because they can influence the final properties of a material, such as its strength, flexibility and durability. View instruments RM-100 Plus First Prodig B-One Plus

Nanocolor COD cuvette tests are the simplest way to photometrically determine chemical oxygen demand (COD), one of the most important overall parameters for assessing water and wastewater quality. For this purpose, Macherey-Nagel offers no less than 13 different tests and measurement ranges, 7 of which comply with DIN ISO 15705 and thus also with NEN 6633. Thus, by using Nanocolor COD cuvette testing, you can safely meet internationally recognized standards. The test kits contain round cuvettes with pre-dosed reagents so that users do not come into direct contact with chemicals. These test kits are safe to use because there is no

You can find us at the following events: Laborama - The event for the laboratory sector - Standnr. C31The 23rd edition of Laborama will take place on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 March 2023 in Hall 3 of Brussels Expo. Besides the full-fledged physical fair, there will also be an interesting programme to attract even more visitors: a 2-day congress with interesting speakers and an exclusive networking event complete the programme. Register your free visit for Laborama Lab Technology - Standnr. L106Climate change, population growth, food and drinking water scarcity, fluctuating prices and increasing pressure on healthcare… All are challenges and transitions that

DSG Series Density Meters from Bellingham + Stanley are available in 2 models, offering users the choice to hone in the precision, accuracy, and resolution depending on application.  FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compatible Peltier Temperature Control Excellent reproducibility 20 second read time Strong air pump for thorough cleaning Standard Leur connectorsMETHODS basedEasy to clean Having an accurate density meter that produces reliable results is only part of the equation. Your instrumentation also needs to be simple to use, easy to clean and offer superior traceability. The DSG Series features a large and vibrant capacitive touchscreen, and intuitive GUI from the makers of ADP Polarimeters and RFM