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With the legalization of cannabis in neighboring countries and the Weed Experiment in the Netherlands, exciting times are dawning for many sectors! As more countries open the door to regulated cannabis production and use, the importance of precision and quality control becomes even greater.Xylem Analytics Germany has released a white paper on Cannabis water determination. Why is this important?The water content affects not only the concentration of active ingredients, such as THC and CBD, but also the shelf life of the product. This white paper contrasts the Karl Fisher method with the traditional drying method, with several advantages. Selective results,

You can see much better with the naked eye, can't you? And you always have to check the software anyway, so what's the point of the colony counter? Plenty of questions I regularly hear from lab workers who manually count dozens to hundreds of plates daily. Especially for you: Time savings: With a colony counter, you can work faster and spend more time on other tasks in the laboratory. Ergonomics and comfort: Manual counting can be physically demanding on the back and eyes. When using a colony counter, these loads are reduced and contributes to better ergonomics and a more comfortable

Our colleagues received a demonstration from Macherey-Nagel on how to perform water analysis. This included an explanation of the operation and application of the Nanocolor Advance and the Nanocolor Vario Mini. The Nanocolor Advance combines the key features of portable compact photometers and high-precision spectrophotometers. With its wavelength spectrum of 340-800 nm, all of Macherey-Nagel's photometrically evaluable test kits can be measured. Thus, the Nanocolor Advance can be used universally across the spectrum of water and wastewater analysis. During the demonstration, several water samples from the area were used, such as Lake Grevelingen, the Galderse lakes and the Volkerak. But also from

Rapid microbiology not only accelerates the pace of diagnosis, but it also changes the way we understand and treat infections. Get rid of the long waits and uncertainty. It means accuracy without compromise and a better chance of fighting infections before they escalate. Until now, water was sampled and then tested in laboratories to ensure public safety. Microbium® MPN Analyzer is the world's first digitized and automated instrument that performs this task on-site, reducing costs by about 90% - and significantly reducing economic wait times for results. The device is easy to operate and the process is completed in four simple

Simple Bitterness Units and Vicinal Thickness Determination by spectrophotometry The Central European Brewery Analysis Committee (MEBAK) has defined uniform analytical procedures for all raw materials, excipients and supplies for breweries. With the NANOCOLOR UV/VIS II spectrophotometer and MACHEREY NAGEL's wide range of brewing products, you can easily and reliably analyze all (photometrically) evaluable parameters. Recently, MACHEREY NAGEL has expanded its brewing analyses to include two new tests: NANOCOLOR® Vicinal Thickness Tones and NANOCOLOR® Bitterness Units.With the NANOCOLOR® Bitterness Units cuvette test, the bitter substances in beer, mainly iso-α-acids, are extracted from a beer sample using iso-octane. They are then measured in

Analytical needs Determine what specific titration analyses you need to perform in your laboratory. The titrator must be suitable for your applications, whether for acid-base titrations, redox titrations, complexometric titrations, etc. Accuracy and precisionMake sure the titrator meets the accuracy and precision requirements of your analyses. This is especially important if you need very accurate results. Sample CapacityConsider the sample capacity of the titrator. Do you need to be able to process many samples in a short period of time? Capacity may vary from model to model. Types of electrodesCheck which electrodes are compatible with the titrator. This can include pH electrodes, redox

Water activity (Aw) is one of the most important factors in determining quality and safety of the products you consume every day. Water activity affects the shelf life, safety, texture, taste and odor of foods. It is also vital for the stability of medicines and beauty products. Because water activity is so important, being able to measure it quickly and accurately is just as important. ROTRONIC's AwTherm is the ideal water activity meter that can be used directly in your production and research environments. Through temperature stabilization (0 - 60°C), all components of a product and the ambient atmosphere can be

Are you familiar with the phenomenon of color measurement? It is a fascinating process that enables accurate and defined color determination, allowing us to eliminate visual and perceptual differences created by the human eye. Color measurement is invaluable in various industries, including printing, paint production, food, textiles, petrochemicals and the world of oils and fats. It plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency and quality in products and processes. Discover this item from our range of color meters: Colormeter Pro One of our leading products is the ColorMeter Pro, a handy measuring tool that can be linked to your smartphone (with the FREE

Viscometers are instruments used to measure the viscosity of liquids. They are used in various industries. By measuring the viscosity of a liquid, you can determine its flow properties and adjust your production process if necessary. Gel timer is another important tool used to measure the gel time of materials, the time it takes for a material to become a gel after being mixed. Gel times are important because they can influence the final properties of a material, such as its strength, flexibility and durability. View instruments RM-100 Plus First Prodig B-One Plus

Nanocolor COD cuvette tests are the simplest way to photometrically determine chemical oxygen demand (COD), one of the most important overall parameters for assessing water and wastewater quality. For this purpose, Macherey-Nagel offers no less than 13 different tests and measurement ranges, 7 of which comply with DIN ISO 15705 and thus also with NEN 6633. Thus, by using Nanocolor COD cuvette testing, you can safely meet internationally recognized standards. The test kits contain round cuvettes with pre-dosed reagents so that users do not come into direct contact with chemicals. These test kits are safe to use because there is no