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A fully automated colony counting system

Featuring an integrated plate feeder, colony counter and software based on Synbiosis’s tried and trusted ProtoCOL technology, an AutoCOL can automatically remove your plate lids and count colonies on up to one hundred, 90 mm plates in under an hour.

Simple software

With intuitive touch-screen software you connect to AutoCOL via USB, you can easily set up automatic plate reads and optimise batch design for each plate type. You can set user access levels and even set up pass/fail limits enabling your AutoCOL to track and stack all pass/fail plates in specific places in the plate feeder. bla

Accurate counts

Combining unique three colour lighting and a sensitive camera, with an AutoCOL you’ll capture full colour images of all microbial colony types, to generate precise, reproducible counts.

Fully traceable

Compatible with 1D barcode readers, you can export images or numerical results automatically from an AutoCOL into a range of formats (XLS, PDF, CSV) or to your LIMS. This ensures your data is secure and has a complete audit trail, making it fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Flexible applications

AutoCOL is perfect for high-throughput colony counting and is being trialled in highly regulated pharmaceutical and contract research microbiology laboratories for a wide range of microbial colony counting applications including:

  • Microbial environmental monitoring
  • Microbial limits testing
  • Efficacy testing


Design Benchtop system with light-tight cabinet and USB connection
Plate feeder Internal 12 position feeder with automated carousel. Counts 100 plates
Colony counter Integrated, sensitive 5 megapixel camera with high definition lens and unique red, geeen and blue lighting
Intergraded barcode reader as standard Yes
Colony resolution 50 µm
Maximum plate size 90 mm
L x W x H (cm) 65 x 65 x 55
Power input (v) 100 – 240
Weight (kg) 58

Why buy?

  • Integrated automated plate feeder, colony counter and software
    Fast walk-away plate reading (up to 100 plates in under an hour)
  • Integrated plate detection sensor
    Allows you to load as many as 100 plates or as few as required
  • Interactive lighting configuration
    Allows you to see clearly defined pass and fail stacks
  • Intuitive touch-screen software with pass/fail facility
    Easy to set up and use for a wide range of microbiology applications
  • Imaging technology automatically separates touching colonies
    Accurate plate images to detect and count the colonies you’re looking for
  • User access level restrictions, audit logs, log in/out activity
    Secure access to raw and processed data with complete audit trail
  • Automatically exports data to XLS, PDF, CSV or your LIMS
    Rapid creation of reports for regulatory audit
  • Free software upgrades and no annual licence fee
    Cost-effective future-proofing of your system