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Economic Spectrophotometer

Economical colorimeter, which is suitable for color difference evaluation of products; the instrument adopts automatic calibration method, saying goodbye to tedious manual calibration.

The spectrophotometer has more than 30 kinds of measurement parameters and 26 kinds of standard light sources.

  • Automatic calibration
  • Support SCI/SCE
  • Covering power, whiteness, yellowness and other 30+measuring indicators
  • Provide nearly 40 evaluation light sources
  • Measurement stability, repeatability 0.03
  • Portable massive color card database
  • Including UV, fluorescent color measurement can be carried out
  • Built-in high-definition camera to clearly observe the tested area

Type DS-410 DS-420
Geometry D/8,SCI/SCE

ΔE*ab≤ 0.04

ΔE*ab≤ 0.03
Display Resolution 0.01
Measuring aperture 3 w/ plate and 3 w/o plate :
5 w/ plate and 5 w/o plate :
Measurement index Reflectance,CIE-Lab,CIE-LCh,HunterLab,CIE-Luv,XYZ,Yxy,RGB,Color difference(ΔE*ab,ΔE*cmc,ΔE*94,ΔE*00),
WI(ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73,CIE/ISO,AATCC,Hunter,TaubeBergerStensby),YI(ASTM D1925,
ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73),Blackness(My,dM),Color Fastness, Tint,(ASTM E313-00),
Color Density CMYK(A,T,E,M),Milm, Munsell, Opacity, Color strength
Illuminants A,B,C,D50,D55,D65,D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,CWF,U30,U35,DLF,NBF,TL83,
Light Source Full-band balancedLED light source Full-band balancedLED light source+UV
Measurement and observation mode Camera
Calibration Intelligent automatic calibration
Software support Andriod,iOS,Windows,WeChat applet
Accuracy Metrology Level I
Observer Angles 2°,10°
Sphere Size 40mm
Standards CIE No.15,GB/T 3978,GB 2893,GB/T 18833,ISO7724-1,ASTM E1164,DIN5033 Teil7
Spectroscopic method Nanometer integrated spectral device
Sensor Silicon photodiode array double 16 groups
Wavelength Interval 10nm
Wavelength Range 400-700nm(Users can view the reflectivity of 31 wavelengths)
Reflectance Range 0-200%
Reflectivity resolution 0.01%
Measurement time About 1 second