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Semi-Automatic Digesters

The DK 20 Series digestion unit with aluminum heating block ensures high thermal homogeneity heating up to 450 °C. The temperature of the block is constantly controlled by a microprocessor and is extremely stable, homogeneous and precise: ±0.5°C at all selectable temperatures.

The design of the DK series has been carefully engineered to allow laboratories to save valuable space under the hood. DK Digesters have very compact dimensions: the new aluminum heating block has been lowered and the vertical proportions allow to free precious space in the laboratory.

The bright digital display provides maximum visibility and easy-to-read information. The instrument is operated with 4 keys to navigate the menu options and program the digestions in a simple and fast way. Through the intuitive graphic display it is possible to set up to 20 methods with 4 temperature ramps. Acoustic signals inform the operator of the completion of the analysis facilitating the daily use of the digester.


Stability of the heating block temperature ± 0,5 °C
Precision of the heating block temperature ± 0,5 °C
Set temperature Digital readout in °C or °F
Temperature Calibration Automatic
Selectable ramps up to 4 per program
Digestion time range 1 to 999 minutes
Time selection 1-minute steps
Heating places 6 – 8 – 18 – 20 – 42 positions
Size of tubes 250 ml test tubes, Ø 42mm (DK6) – 300ml test tubes, Ø 48mm (DK6/48) –  250 ml test tubes, Ø 42mm (DK8) – 100 ml test tubes, Ø 26mm (DK18/26), 250 ml test tubes, Ø 24mm (DK20) – 100 ml test tubes, Ø 26mm (DK-42/26)

TEMS Technology

The DKL series uses the unique TEMS™ technology, which provides significant savings.

Time: fast heating to 420 °C in just 22 minutes, excellent reliability, homogeneity and temperature accuracy.
Energy: reduced consumption by 35%, reduced CO2 emissions by reducing pollution.
Money: significant cost reduction for each analysis, increases the number of analyses without additional costs.
Space: compact profile, minimum use on the bench for optimal laboratory management