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Automatic Digestion Unit

Sample preparation is a crucial part of the Kjeldahl analysis in order to obtain accurate and precise results. With the DKL series of digesters, manual operations have been drastically reduced: lowering and lifting of the samples takes place fully automatically, as well as the separation between the test tubes and the suction cup.

The DKL series provides the operator with the ultimate technology that allows the laboratory technician to set up the analysis choosing from a library of 54 programs (30 pre-installed + 24 customizable), press START and walk away, boosting the lab productivity.
Ease of loading and unloading make the DKL a pleasure to use when carrying out Kjeldahl analysis, and there is no need to handle the sample when the tubes are hot! DKL extremely fast aluminum heating block is capable of reaching 420°C in just 20 min with best-in-class temperature stability. The choice of premium materials and the powerful microprocessor guarantee precise block temperature with an accuracy of ± 0.5°C.


Stability of the heating block temperature ± 0,5 °C
Precision of the heating block temperature ± 0,5 °C
Set temperature Digital readout in °C or °F
Temperature Calibration Automatic
Program Library 54 Program library, including 24 user-programmable memories
Selectable ramps up to 4 per program
Digestion time range 1 to 999 minutes
Time selection 1-minute steps
Heating places 8 (DKL8) – 12 (DKL12)- 20 (DKL20) or 42 (DKL 42/26) positions
Size of tubes 250ml (DKL8) – 250/400ml (DKL12) – 250/400ml (DKL20) or 100 ml (DKL42/26)

TEMS Technology

The DKL series uses the unique TEMS™ technology, which provides significant savings.

Time: fast heating to 420 °C in just 22 minutes, excellent reliability, homogeneity and temperature accuracy.
Energy: reduced consumption by 35%, reduced CO2 emissions by reducing pollution.
Money: significant cost reduction for each analysis, increases the number of analyses without additional costs.
Space: compact profile, minimum use on the bench for optimal laboratory management