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Molecular Biology Kits

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Arcis Sample Prep Kit, is a ultra fast sample preparation kit.

DNA release in 3 minutes, in two simple steps and no instrumentation required. Sample types: human (blood, urine, sputum, buccal swabs and hair follicles), bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites (plasmodium). Successfully tested with PCR (End-point, RT-qPCR), LAMP, sequencing (Sanger, Pyro) and electrophoresis.

The sample preparation kit has been successfully trialled at a range of industrial and academic settings, using the following technologies:

  • Techne Pro detection reagents
  • End-point PCR
  • qPCR (SYBR and probe-based)
  • Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)
  • Sequencing (Sanger, Pyro and Next-Generation)
  • DNA fragment analysis (3500 Genetic Analyzer)

Kits Key Features include

  1. Direct Manufacturer, Bio Basic Inc. manufactures every component of the molecular biology kits within our own facility
  2. Wide Range of Products, Bio Basic Inc. provides mini-preps, midi-preps, maxi-preps and all 96-well format plate kits
  3. Strict Quality Control, Each lot of kit is strictly examined for quality assurance before reaching customers
  4. Low Prices, Please inquire about the bulk prices


  • DNA release in 3 minutes
  • Two pre-filled tubes
  • Simple, 2-step process
  • DNA Stabilisation
  • No instrumentation required

A small view
of the available kits

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Columns and 96 Well Plates
Direct Transformation Agent
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DNA/RNA/Protein Isolation Kits
RNA Isolation Kits
RNase-Free DNase Set
Single Step Ultra Competent Cell Preps Kits
Tailing Kits

A complete list is available on demand.