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Discover the power of accurate color determination.

Are you familiar with the phenomenon of color measurement? It is a fascinating process that enables accurate and defined color determination, allowing us to eliminate visual and perceptual differences created by the human eye.

Color measurement is invaluable in various industries, including printing, paint production, food, textiles, petrochemicals and the world of oils and fats. It plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency and quality in products and processes.

Discover this item from our range of color meters: Colormeter Pro

One of our leading products is the ColorMeter Pro, a handy measuring tool that can be linked to your smartphone (with the FREE app). With the ColorMeter Pro, you can easily measure color values, color differences and similar colors from color charts.

The ColorMeter Pro offers fast and accurate measurement, allowing you to choose from 20 parameters such as CIE lab, Hunter lab and CIE-LCH, and as many as 26 different light sources, including A, C and D65. This allows you to select the desired measurement settings to suit your specific needs.

Are you looking for a color measurement solution? Our team at Wilten Instruments is ready to help you. Discover how color measurement can be a valuable addition to your organization as well.