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Semi-Automatic Distillation Unit

The UDK Series Distillers are designed to meet the most challenging demands and requirements for diverse applications, according to international standards: Kjeldahl nitrogen TKN, proteins, ammoniacal nitrogen, nitric nitrogen (Devarda), phenols, TVBN and volatile acids, cyanides, and alcohol content.

Five different UDK models are available with different automation levels to match any laboratory requirement of automation and throughput. The UDK Distillers address any laboratory requirements from few samples per day to unattended operations with different level of automation for NaOH, H2O and Boric Acid addition. The UDK distillers guarantee reproducible results with a RSD ≤ 1% and are able to recover more than 99.5% of Nitrogen. With a Limit of Detection of 0.015 mg N the UDK are the perfect solution even for challenging low nitrogen applications.


Analysis time 5 min for 100ml
of distillate
4 min for 100ml
of distillate
From 4 min
(titration included)
From 4 min
(titration included)
From 4 min
(titration included)
Measuring range 0.04 – 220 mg N 0.04 – 220 mg N 0.04 – 220 mg N 0.04 – 220 mg N 0.04 – 220 mg N
Reproducibility ≥ 1% ≥ 1% ≥ 1% ≥ 1% ≥ 1%
Recovery ≥ 99.5% ≥ 99.5% ≥ 99.5% ≥ 99.5% ≥ 99.5%
Detection Limit > 0.015 mg N > 0.015 mg N > 0.015 mg N > 0.015 mg N > 0.015 mg N
Sodium Hydroxide Addition Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Water addition Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Boric Acid Addition Automatic Automatic Automatic
Distillation Residues Removal Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Titration Residues Removal Automatic Automatic Automatic
Titration Vessel Cleaning Automatic Automatic Automatic
Selectable Distillation Time Yes Yes Yes Not necessary Not necessary
Barcode Technology Yes Yes Yes
Programs 1 customizable 10 customizable 20 customizable 32 standard + 24 customizable 32 standard + 24 customizable
On-Board data storage Yes Yes Yes

TEMS Technology

UDK Series Kjeldahl distillation units work with the innovative TEMS™ benefits, for unmatched savings.

Time: fast heating to 420 °C in just 22 minutes, excellent reliability, homogeneity and temperature accuracy.
Energy: reduced consumption by 35%, reduced CO2 emissions by reducing pollution.
Money: significant cost reduction for each analysis, increases the number of analyses without additional costs.
Space: compact profile, minimum use on the bench for optimal laboratory management