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CH 3-150

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Heating and Cooling Thermostat

Combitherm-2 CH 3-150 is specially designed to thermostabilise materials at temperatures from –3°C to +150°C according to methods of analysis. To obtain useful functionality and decrease foot-print of instruments Combitherm-2 consists of 2 independent cooling and heating plug-in thermoblocks combined in a common electronic circuit board as well as inside a common external body.

The left part of the front keyboard is responsible for setting parameters for cooling plug-in blocks and the right part — for heating plug-in blocks. Both of them are regulated independently and can realize up to 16 programs including temperature and time in each program. Peltier technology is used for cooling below room temperature; PCB is used for heating till +150°C.

Separation of cooling and heating parts from each other increases durability of the instrument and speed of temperature changing after setting a new program.

Different block types can be provided on request

Heating block Temperature setting range +25°C … +150°C
Heating block Temperature control range 5°C above ambient … +150°C
Heating block Setting resolution 1°C
Heating block Stability ±0.1°C
Temperature calibration coefficient range 0.936…1.063 (± 0.063)
Cooling block Temperature setting range –3°C … +20°C
Cooling block Temperature control range 23°C below ambient … 5°C below ambient
Cooling block Setting resolution 0.1°C
Cooling block Stability ±0.1°C
—- —-
Digital time setting 1 min–99 hrs 59 min (increment 1 min)
Timer sound signal +
Display LCD
User adjustable programs (temperature and time) 16 (heating) + 16 (cooling)

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